BlAdeNite PRoDucTiONs PoStS

A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

So for weeks now we've been told that Birds of Prey would be an assault to those nasty misogynists . You know, all those men standing in the line at local movie theaters screaming about how women suck, and nobody wants awesome female characters in movies or stories. What? You haven't seen the thousands of them protesting every single movie to come out in the last three years? Yeah? Me either.

The movie came in with a raucous roar. The media pitched it like a streaking high MPH fastball, with the intent to strike out the gloating neckbeards waiting at the plate to knock it out of the park. The cast is impressive, the stunt team is from John Wick, everybody and their mother spoke about it like it was going to change our movie going experience forever. So what happened?

Well it failed. It's not going to make box office expectations, it's not going to make the diminished box office expectations, it's going to make less than most other DC movies. So why then, with all the advantages of marketing, cast, budget etc did the movie fail so badly? Well it's simple. This movie was always going to have a niche audience, but it was pushed to the mass populace, and then wielded by the media like a hammer. Battering down any possible critique by moviegoers or fans of the original medium (ie comics) and distilling dislike into 'if you don't like it, then you're a misogynist manbaby'.

I knew a long time ago I wasn't going to like the movie, because the spirit of it is wrong. It's not about making a good movie, representing the comics, or entertaining; the impetus has always been put on being socially responsible. Quite frankly, you lost me and millions of other moviegoers right fucking there. I love female characters, I have several of them in my stories, but their identity or an agenda to make their identity a main selling point for my stories, is never a thing. The more the liberal media pushes this agenda of entertainment being used as a vehicle for social indoctrination, the less regular people will see any of these films. And no, it's not because people are racist, elitist, misogynist or any other -ist; it's because we only have so much time in our lives and why would we waste any of it at a movie that's clearly made to appeal to someone else?

The movie got exactly the audience it was made for. The problem is, they wanted and nay, expected, more. Well expectations, and comparisons are the thief of joy. You get what you earn ladies and gentlemen.

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