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Remington's Revolutions

Remington is one of the five elder dragons that chooses to stay with humanity to protect them, and to call the dragons back if ever there is need. His true name is 'Caladbolg' and like the mythological sword he's named after, he is lightning based.

He swore himself to the line of Carrowmore, the avatars of Yggdrasil. He becomes their pet, their weapon, their steed, their friend, and their guardian. He will protect the line of Carrowmore with his life.

Sometime in the 1800's he changed the magic which allowed him to assume the form of a human and instead became something more useful and easily carried by the Carrowmore women.

A rifle.

If the Carrowmore wills it and has enough anima, they can summon him forth into his Dragon form. He's a hell of a companion and as a rifle allows the Carrowmores to condense their anima into magic bullets of lightning and fire. Equalizing the playing field against just about anything, including Gouls.

If you'd like to know more about Remington's story then check out Sins of the Fae on IGG right now, it's closing on July 8th.

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