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The next great fairy tale is HERE

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Somebody once told me that a Fairy Tale is a survival story about hope. That quote is a rewording of a famous quote from Jack Zipes, a leading expert on Fairy tales, yes they have those, what you didn't know? Anyways, that's not the point. The point is that fairy tales are stories that stick with us because they resonate with us. They relate us to their characters and invite us to go on fantastic journeys together, to reach for the stars, to fall, to try again, and in the end to succeed. I think right now more than ever we need fairy tales, we need stories that inspire and give us hope.

I think I've written such a story, it begins with love and ends with love, but there is pain, darkness, and struggle in between. I invite you to start a journey with my characters, one that could last a lifetime. See the world through their eyes, struggle with them, feel happy sad and angry with them, and in the end feel their triumph as your own. That's what fairy tales can do, and that's what I set out to do in mine.

Here's the back jacket lead-in for my story presented with some panels and pages from the Graphic Novel:

Nikki has everything you could ask for - great children, a lovely home, and the protection of Jord.

That was yesterday, today she's been cursed and having visions of her daughters dying in a red bog, of her friends being chased down by vicious hounds, and of something hunting her.

Unable to sleep and scared for her life, she seeks aid from her Granny, but she died five years ago. For other people that might be a dead-end, but Nikki's a viking witch of the Holy Oak Coven, and she knows what she has to do.

Embark on a journey with her, and watch as Nikki faces the past she ran away from and fights for her family's right to live. In this world everything comes at a cost, and the price of her happily-ever-after just came due.

Here's a picture of the comic, we're particularly proud of, and includes a really cool element from the story - God Tongue. This is Granny using it to well...shout a curse word, because she thinks she's about to die before fulfilling her purpose in 'life'.

Interested in backing or joining the mailing list? Well look below and be apart of the next great fairy tale.


As of Sunday June 7th, my Graphic novel is available on Indiegogo, here is the IGG web-page where you can find everything!!

We, as in my team and I, are going to have a launch party on Youtube hosted by the artistic director, here is the channel -

You can join the mailing list, it's on any page of this website, and get a free digital copy of the Light Novella, that's right, we're launching a Light Novella in tandem with the Graphic novel. The Novella will be available via Amazon print-on-demand paperback if you'd rather read it that way.

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading it all and I hope you'll be a part of our launch and read the story. Enjoy your day wherever you are, stay safe, and may hope inspire and guide you.

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